Interdependence and Self-Interest

I wrote this in 2008 for the Center for Community Change (now Community Change) Convening on Community Values in Washington, D.C. but it felt like a good time to bring this out to a wider audience. On the day after September 11th, 2001 a bulldozer drove up Chicago’s Argyle Street […]

Finding Your Path to Power

Jane Fonda and Alicia Garza on orienting yourself toward lasting change through relationships and collective action. Garza and Fonda close with guidance for everyone on finding and following their path to power. “Build communities,” says Fonda, “stand with love. Stand brave, stand fearless, because we’re in this together.”

Shutting Things Down To Open Things Up

You may think direct action — the kind of protest that directly confronts power and shifts it from the hands of the few to those of the many — is something you do when everything else fails to get people in power to change.