James Mumm LLC Consulting Services

  1. Advanced writing and research. Deep landscape, issue and movement capacity analysis, also feature articles for publication.
  2. Program development and management. Deep experience reviewing and assessing programs for strategic impact, designing and facilitating change processes, aligning programs with an underlying analysis and strategic vision, adjusting staffing plans to meet program goals; equitable management.
  3. Developing strategic campaigns. Training and hands-on support to develop effective strategic campaign plans that include the full range of narrative and communications, power-building, research, strategy and tactics.
  4. Staff management, supervision, training and mentoring. Short term support and long-term investment in staff leadership, especially BIPOC, women, gender non conforming, and low wealth staff members.
  5. Fundraising strategy and proposal writing. Reviewing and assessing fundraising concept papers, decks and proposals, and hands-on writing to make them more compelling.
  6. Long-term agenda and strategy. Designing and supporting deep organizational analysis, vision, and strategy development in order to address root causes.